In the decade since we've been working with sublimation, many things have changed. But the one thing that hasn't, is the difficulty in sourcing quality blanks at a price you can afford. Welcome to the Sublimation Station! Our finished goods businesses source hundreds of thousands of dollars of the best sublimation blanks we can find the world over. Now at Custom Sublimation Blanks, we have opened that opportunity to hobby and small business sublimation artists!

Sublimation Acrylic

Multimedia collage

  • Sublimation isn't for sissies!

    Sublimation is NOT a perfect science. Time and temp may vary based on your heat press, sublimation printer, sublimation ink, size of the substrate and how many items you are pressing at one time. We provide guidelines for processing with each of our substrates...we press over a hundred thousand items per year. And guess what? 

    We still mess some stuff up. And guess what else? It still breaks my heart. Each. And. Every. Time.

    But, it takes time and practice figure out what works best for your particular set up. Feel free to "contact us" if you have questions, but we cannot be responsible for blanks that haven't pressed properly. But we have given you the very best quality blanks the world has to offer, cut on state of the art Laser equipment in our family owned and operated Indiana workshop. You're gonna do great!

  • Custom Orders

    We LOVE custom orders. Use the contact us button to reach out for special blanks sizes and shapes!

  • Shipping Times

    Orders of drinkware only, will usually ship the next business day. Orders that contain our Unisub die cut blanks are cut in house at the time of your order, within 2-3 business days.